Refresh Refinishing Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy replace, when you can Refresh!

Yes, if needed a Refresh representative will personally inspect your project and prepare a full proposal for you at no cost or obligation.

This is difficult to answer until we know the full scope of work on your project. We will include a project timeline with your estimate so you may plan accordingly.

We ask all of our clients to move small personal items and as much as they can out of the areas we will be working. Larger items like sofas and tables we will move to the center of the room and protect them with masking if they cannot be moved out completely. This is also discussed with you in the estimating process.

All Refresh technicians must participate in our training certification program and pass comprehensive testing before being allowed to work with us. Our technicians must be certified in the service they are providing.  

The type of paints used is a very important aspect of your project. Not all paints are the same and it is very important the correct type of paint is used on your project. Refresh aims to use the best and appropriate paint for each project. Our representatives are highly trained in this and will help you select the right paint for the job.

Customers can opt to provide these themselves or Refresh can include them in the estimating process. The choice is ultimately yours, but we strongly encourage our clients to allow us to provide it as we receive discounts from suppliers most consumers will not have access to. If you decide to provide them yourself, we will provide you with quantities and specifications required for the project. Plus, we ask that they are there for us on your start date.

Refresh strongly encourages clients to test their color options using samples on the surface before committing to a color. This helps prevent this from happening at all. In the event this does occur though, we will work with you to select a new color, but this may incur new charges to change the color again. 

When done well, most paint jobs should last between seven and ten years. There are several factors that affect the longevity of a paint job including the exterior’s finish, where you are located, and the quality of the previous paint job.

It’s also important to consider how well the area being painted is prepared. Prepping an area for paint is a key factor in how long the paint job will last. Also, the quality of the surface being painted is a factor. When painting an outdoor surface, how much that surface is exposed to the elements and whether or not the building being painted is protected by other buildings can play a role in how long that paint job will last.

Yes, all of our franchisees carry general liability insurance with an umbrella policy.

Yes, we can assist with many repairs to walls or ceilings.

In most cases yes, this is not a problem. Any occupants in the home may have limited access to the areas we are working, and this should be considered when you decide to remain or not. For liability purposes we do ask that an adult over the age of 18 remains present if minors are in the home.

Accent painting is our way of describing other surfaces throughout your home. See a few examples of these below. 

  • Accent Wall
  • Fireplaces
  • Crown Molding
  • Stairs & Railings

Yes, we do offer cabinet painting services. Refresh does not offer cabinet staining services at this time though.

Yes, Refresh offers a full suite of make ready services! Check out our other website HERE for more info.

Yes, Refresh offers both services. Contact us for an estimate.

Yes, We offer a limited full two year warranty on all residential projects!

Looking for more information? Please contact us!

Apartment Turn ManagementMake Ready Made Easy!

In addition to our residential consumer services, Refresh is trusted by some of the countries largest apartment property management firms. Our apartment turn services, help these companies more efficiently get through the make ready process.

One Call To Schedule It All! Refresh helps streamline the entire Make Ready process by offering one primary point of contact for your turn services.

Learn how to save 75% compared to replacement!

Refinishing is a fantastic option over replacement of old fixtures.