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Refresh Painting offers a wide array of interior painting services for your home or business. Quotes are always free, and we pride ourselves on offering highly trained and certified crews to ensure you receive the best customer service and a top-quality paint job. On this page you will find a summary of our interior paint services but if you need something not listed, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Full Home


Refresh handles projects both large and small! Painting can fully transform the look and feel of your home and when you need a full interior transformation, it’s crucial you select a reputable company with experience. Our expert representatives make this process easy and efficient for you and are there through the entire project.


Just want a room or two painted? That’s no problem with Refresh! We put the same love into our smaller projects as we do with any other larger project. We will assist you with selecting the right type of paint for the room and a color that matches your interior design style.

Partial Home
Accent Wall


A fantastic option to really give a space a more sophisticated and warm feeling is to add accent walls into the space. Accent walls are usually a prominent wall in the space that is painted in a more pronounced or “louder” color, offering additional character to the room.


One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update the look of your kitchen is to paint the cabinets! It is so very important that cabinets are prepared correctly to ensure the paint bonds to the surface! Therefore we strongly encourage you to hire an experienced and trained professional like Refresh for this type of project.

Railing Stairs


Painting your railings and/or stair faces can really make these areas pop and modernizes the space! Refresh can help with both metal or wood, and we understand which paints are appropriate to use in either situation. This ensures you will get the longest lifespan out of your new paint job!


Dated brick or wood framed fireplaces can often bring down the look and feel of a room. A good paint job can really transform these and turn it into a focal centerpiece that encourages compliments from your friends and family!

Trim Molding


Homes with a large amount of crown molding can be extremely challenging for individuals to paint themselves and get it to look right. The best way to restore or paint crown molding is to use a professional HVLP sprayer and it takes skill and practice to do it well. Refresh techs are certified in the use of this equipment giving you a flawless finish!


A wall patch should be invisible when it’s finished! We spend a large amount of time on training our technicians on wall repair and texture matching to accomplish this for you. From little dents the kids caused, to someone stepping through the ceiling in the attic, Refresh can fix these up for you!

Wall Repair
Texture Removal


Boy can this be a messy job! Those dated popcorn ceilings are no joke and the best way to remove them is to use specialized equipment with a vacuum system. Refresh has the equipment and knowledge to do this right and will ensure we keep your home clean throughout the process!


There are so many situations you may need a professional painter that we couldn’t list them all on our website! If you have a project that you don’t see on here, please reach out to us! Odds are very high we can help with it.

Special Projects Interior

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